The Most Comprehensive IASTM System

The most advanced system for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization!

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Improved soft tissue therapy

MobilityExpert is the most comprehensive IASTM system that brings multiple effective diagnostic and treating methods into your clinic.

Complete set of instruments

MobilityExpert is designed to work like a full instrument set. It consists of 12 distinctive double beveled treatment points including a unique neurodynamic tool.


More compatible techniques

MobilityExpert is the only multi-tool that is designed for 11 effective IASTM techniques.


Movement Assisted IASTM

Scar Mobilization

Gua Sha

Active Release Technique®

Cross Friction Massage

Fascial Manipulation®

Nerve & Tendon Release

Trigger Point Therapy

Plus more at the Physioneers Learning Center.


Expert-level design

MobilityExpert’s unmatched design offers multiple expert-level features.

Increased clinical effectiveness thanks to lASTM-optimized double beveled edges.

Ergonomic design that eliminates hand fatigue and ensures firm grip at multiple working angles.

Designed for both left and right handed practitioners.

Designed without holes that collect excess emollient to simplify everyday cleaning and disinfecting.

Compatible with a wide range of general emollients therapists use in the clinic.

Full anatomic coverage

Designed to fully cover all anatomic areas to treat a wider range of musculoskeletal conditions.


Exceptional portability

Specially designed for use under different conditions. MobilityExpert offers exceptional portability compared to heavy instrument sets without any compromise in functionality.

Surgical-grade stainless steel

Combination of precision engineering and surgical-grade stainless steel enables highly precise transmission of soft tissue dysfunctions.


5-Year Global Warranty

MobilityExpert is the only IASTM tool that comes with a 5-year global warranty.

Physioneers Learning Center Membership

Our tools are the only ones on the market that come together with an Online Learning Center Membership! The Physioneers Learning Center includes everything you need to start practicing: 1-year membership, general principles of IASTM, illustrated step by step guidelines for 11 instrument assisted techniques and treatment patterns.



“Best IASTM tool I’ve used!”

James Anderson, D.C.

“Totally awesome product! I Its multifunctionality covers all my needs!”

George Walker, MSc, PT

“Instant gains in range of motion! Instant pain relief!”

Steven Hall, DSc

“Immediate results! I highly recommend it!”

Robert Lewis, BSc, PT, COMT

“Absolutely fantastic product and company! Thank you, Physioneers!”

Paul Allen, PhD, PT

“This is the smartest investment I have ever made! This is a high-quality product!”

Brian Lee, BSc, PT

“This has even better feel and quality compared to my $2000 USD instrument set!”

John White, PT, MSc

“Hands down the best value IASTM tool our clinic’s therapists have used!”

Thomas Miller, MSc, PT, CMPT

“Excellent IASTM system! Couldn’t be happier!”

Sofia Moore, M.Chiro.



Length: 12.7 cm / 5 in
Width: 9.4 cm / 3.7 in
Thickness: 0.4 cm / 0.16 in


183 g / 6.5 oz.


Surgical-grade stainless steel

Global Trade Item Number

EAN 0657472816075
UPC 657472816075

MobilityExpert is the most comprehensive IASTM system

The MobilityExpert IASTM system is specially developed for practitioners with high demands. Its unbeatable functionality and numerous expert level features have made it a leader in IASTM.