Complete solution for soft tissue therapy

AdhesionTool is an advanced multifunctional tool designed for complete soft tissue therapy.

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13 Tools

AdhesionTool offers 13 distinct triple-beveled stainless steel tools. It functions as an instrument set.


Full anatomic coverage

AdhesionTool's advanced design ensures full anatomic coverage and guarantees excellent contact on any region or structure of the human body.



AdhesionTool’s three treatment edges cover soft tissue therapy from deep to superficial layers and allow the user to apply multiple techniques. Additionally, the user has more options to choose instrument's aggressiveness.


11 Techniques

AdhesionTool is designed for multiple techniques, not only for IASTM and Graston Technique®. It is designed for:


Movement Assisted IASTM

Scar Mobilization

Gua Sha

Active Release Technique®

Cross Friction Massage

Fascial Manipulation®

Nerve & Tendon Release

Trigger Point Therapy

Plus more at the Physioneers Learning Center.


Ergonomic handling

AdhesionTool reduces hand fatigue through multiple ergonomic handling options, which all ensure a strong grip.

Works with any emollient

AdhesionTool works perfectly with massage oils, creams and other emollients. Keep using the emollient you normally use.


Protection pouch

AdhesionTool’s protection pouch is easy-to-open and highly portable. It protects the instrument in the clinic and on the go.


5-Year Global Warranty

MobilityExpert is the only IASTM tool that comes with a 5-year global warranty.

Physioneers Learning Center Membership

Our tools are the only ones on the market that come together with an Online Learning Center Membership! The Physioneers Learning Center includes everything to start practicing: 1-year membership, general principles of IASTM, illustrated step by step guidelines for 11 instrument assisted techniques and treatment patterns.



“I've been using this tool for several months now and it's been a great addition to my practice.”

M. Lewis, DC

“Probably the best all purpose IASTM tool!”

W. Anderson, D.O.

“Great alternative to expensive instrument sets! Good work, Physioneers!”

M. Thomas, PT

“I love this tool! Very well built and probably last for a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with AdhesionTool!“

N. Robinson, DC

“It's a versatile all-in-one tool!”

A. Harris, DC

“I have been using the tool for a while now and it is really nice and so multi-faced! I can now do a lot more minute detail work I never thought possible before…”

A. Craveiro

“Ergonomic to use and multi-curved design has a treatment edge for every region on human body. The AdhesionTool has become an irreplaceable tool in everyday work. A very nice tool! ”

J. Salupere, PT, FC Flora

“Definately one of the best therapy tools I have purchased!”

D. Garcia, OMT

“This product is amazing! My job is much easier now.”

A. Meyer, PT

“I have used variety of IASTM and Graston Technique instruments. AdhesionTool probably has the best price and quality ratio.“

C. Wright, PT

“I would recommend it to every therapist!”

P. White, DC



Length: 22.4 cm / 8.83 in
Width: 6.5 cm / 2.55 in
Thickness: 0.3 cm / 0.12 in


170 g / 6 oz.


AdhesionTool: Surgical-grade stainless steel
Pouch: Neoprene 3 mm / 0.12 in

Global Trade Item Number

EAN 0736902548967
UPC 736902548967

AdhesionTool is the complete solution for soft tissue therapy.

AdhesionTool has more tools, more anatomic coverage, more treatment edges and more compatible techniques than any other tool or instrument set on the market. Improve your therapy outcomes by easily detecting and treating soft tissue dysfunctions with AdhesionTool.