Can you do better?

Nowadays a skilled therapist must know many complex techniques to treat patients. These techniques are mostly implemented with bare hands or little equipment. Is there a way to boost the efficiency of treatment? After all, a better therapist makes for a more competitive clinic. This is why we created Physioneers.

More knowledge, more competence.

Physioneers is a symbiosis of two different fields: physiotherapy and mechanical engineering. It is run by two brothers, Pärt Prommik and Kaarel Prommik, a physiotherapist and a mechanical engineer whose mutual passion is developing therapy solutions. These are completely different professions that can complement each other through knowledge and competence sharing. Whilst mechanical engineering utilizes every bit of new and useful technology, physiotherapy is still relatively similar to how it was decades ago. Physioneers’ plan is to take on the ambitious challenge of modernizing physiotherapy by creating some cutting-edge therapy solutions. AdhesionTool as a highly multifunctional soft tissue therapy tool is our kick-off product.

Better therapists make for better clinics.

Physioneers’ mission is to make the therapy process more efficient. How? By using our multidisciplinary competence to develop and produce smart and cutting-edge gear that allows therapists to achieve their therapy goals with less effort. This means providing more effective therapy. We truly believe that a well-equipped therapist or clinic is capable of more.

Pärt & Kaarel, founders of Physioneers





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Riia 15B, Tartu, 51010, Estonia

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Physioneers’ brand is owned by the private limited company Liiges OÜ (registry code 12437736, VAT No EE101621058). We are located in an university and heavy industry town named Tartu in the Republic of Estonia, a member of the European Union.